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The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook Works on Paper by Peter Josyph

Works on Paper by Peter Josyph

The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook

The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook

Groundfloor of Building EZ,( Room EZ.G.36). Female Orphan School,UWS Parramatta Campus; Cnr Victoria Rd. and James Ruse Drive, Rydalmere. (View Map)
23 Jul - 12 Aug 2014
23 July 2014



Works on Paper by Peter Josyph

The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook is a new series of works on paper tributing Cormac McCarthy’s great novel Blood Meridian Or The Evening Redness in the West. Employing a wide range of media—acrylic, oil, wax-oil crayon, Lyra pencil, ink, paper and cloth collage, and textual elements from a variety of sources—the series improvises around the theme of the notebook as an archive, a journal, a log, a lab, a ledger, a diary, a theme-book, a sketchbook, and, ultimately, a form of expression that is also a conversation with oneself: the private before the public. Whether a notebook is used for the jotting of intellectual/observational memoranda or the trying out, chronicling, or mapping of ideas, it is always either a keep or a kind of workshop. Often it is both. In addressing the question “Whose Blood Meridian notebook—that of the artist, the author of the novel, or one of its characters?” with a layering of answers competing and sometimes warring for space and recognition—often within a single piece—the series celebrates the complexity of reading a great work, responding to it emotionally, retaining it as an accomplice or a touchstone in life, and, in this case, choosing it as a theme for one’s own artistic pursuit. Unlike the pages of most notebooks, however, the series has been painted on some of the best-made paper in the world from paper mills in Canada, France, and Mexico, most of it handmade and no longer available: lost! But whoever views The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook outdates the title in the act of finding it, reclaiming it and returning it to life.


Peter Josyph is a painter who works concurrently as an author, an actor-director, a filmmaker and a photographer. His series All the Pretty Horses: A Tribute exhibited at the Longwall Gallery in Berea, Kentucky, as did his series Cormac McCarthy’s House, which also exhibited at the Centennial Museum in El Paso, Texas; at the Kulturens Hus in Luleå, Sweden; and at the CAPITAL Centre in Warwickshire, England. Site-specific installations of large canvases and portable murals include the Cannon Building of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC; the New York State Vietnam Memorial Gallery in Albany, NY; and in the historic landmark Central Savings (now Apple) Bank on Broadway in Manhattan, an installation called New York Signatures that made him a New Yorker Talk of the Town. His new series The Lost Blood Meridian Notebook is part of an ongoing challenge to respond to the literary genius of Cormac McCarthy in paint, in photography, in film, and in his own work as an author. In January 2014 he will respond as an actor by playing White in McCarthy’s The Sunset Limited at the Weisiger Theater in Danville, Kentucky.

Josyph’s books include Cormac McCarthy’s House: Reading McCarthy Without Walls; Adventures in Reading Cormac McCarthy; The Way of the Trumpet; Liberty Street: Encounters at Ground Zero; What One Man Said to Another: Talks With Richard Selzer; and The Wounded River, which was a New York Times Notable Book of 1993. He directed the award-winning Liberty Street: Alive at Ground Zero, and co-directed Acting McCarthy: The Making of Billy Bob Thornton’s All the Pretty Horses. His photography has been used for the Portuguese translations of three of McCarthy’s novels: Suttree; Blood Meridian Or the Evening Redness in the West; and The Crossing. Josyph is represented by Galerie Signum Winfried Heid in Heidelberg, Germany, and by Michele Brangwen at his website A full bio of Josyph’s work is at

Curated by UWS Art Curator, Monica McMahon. ( )