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Margaret Whitlam Galleries

An Ungrateful Death

Thank You All

Mixed Media Installation

Letter to a Dead Man

Installation shot of An Ungrateful Death exhibition

Mixed Media Installation

Thank You (in detail)

Canvas and Stainless Steel Pin
25cm x 31cm

Installation shot of An Ungrateful Death exhibition

Female Orphan School, Parramatta Campus (View Map)
21 Jul - 29 Sep 2006

An Ungrateful Death

  • Mireille Astore - Artist Statement

An Ungrateful Death is an installation that attempts to evoke emotions that are too often submerged. It creates a space to reflect on the nature of an everlasting grief, and one person's destiny in the midst of ungrateful silences. It is a space for saying goodbye and thank you: words that may mean so little and so much at the same time. Words that, left unsaid, linger in dark voids where the most fragile walls of seclusion turn into an anguished, eternally fearful being.

3494 Houses + 1 fence video

Houses, neat, some pretty, some with children playing in front, collide with sounds made elsewhere, in a foreign land, far away from here. In this 6 minute video by Mireille and Fabian Store, the street scape of Broken Hill, "the accessible outnack" country town of Australia, is seen from the viewing platform of past realities, woven into a tapestry of morality, memory and experience. There, exponential repetition sets apathy on a collision course with dear. Mangled silences interrupt - but only to disrupt the remnants of illusion and safe living, and to send eidetic shock waves through rose coloured lenses. The question of responsiblity then emerges to demand, if not an answer, then a pause for grief, for consideration due to the boundaries of the senses and the centrality of the body's - anybody's - pain and sorrow.

For more information, please see the Mireille Astore website.