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Margaret Whitlam Galleries

Mrs PM Mrs Prime Minister - Public Image, Private Lives

Mrs Whitlam & Lady McMahon viewing Mrs Whitlam's artefacts

Mrs Margaret Whitlam and Lady Sonia McMahon, on opening night of the Mrs PM Exhibitions viewing Mrs Whitlam's artifacts on loan to the University for the duration of the exhibition in September 2009.

Female Orphan School, Parramatta Campus (View Map)
10 Sep - 2 Oct 2009

For an invitation to the exhibition, please see Mrs PM Invitation (PDF, 893.13 KB)

Mrs PM

Presented by Whitlam Institute, this touring exhibition from the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, introduced visitors  to the 25 remarkable women who have filled the role of prime minister's wife from 1901 to 2007 and includes previously - unseen images from the private collections of former prime ministers' wives.
It reveals the 'woman behind the title', examining the unique contribution, style and structure each brought to the position, and explores the realities of being married to one of the nation's most powerful men - including the difficulties of trying to balance public and private life, the glamour, the hardships, the passions, and of course, the politics.
Exhibition opened on 10 September and continued until 2 October 2009.