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Sculpture Award

UWS Sculpture Award 2014

'reprieve' (WINNER of the 2014 UWS Acquisition Award)

Greer Taylor


Aluminium, automotive paint, stainless steel cable and nickel plated brass

$28,000 (SOLD)

'Oneness' (WINNER of the UrbanGrowth NSW Acquisition Award)

Micheal Purdy


Sandstone and mild steel base

225cm x 180cm x 10cm (1 tonne)

$24,000 (SOLD)

'Converge' (WINNER of the Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award)

Morgan Shimeld


Corten steel

160cm x 350cm x 100cm (600kg)


Upside Down Again (WINNER of Urbangrowth NSW 'Peoples Choice Award')

Hilde A. Danielsen


Pinewood and acid free metal fasteners

210cm x 750cm x 210cm (450kg)

Price on request

Figures in the Landscape

John Petrie


Recycled Slate

200cm x 10cm x 20cm (400kg)



Chris Leaver


Preconfigured computer milling, fibreglass, urethane hard coating, birds, gardeners, metal, plastic and polyurethane wood

350cm x 200cm x 50cm  (100kg)


Object in Landscape

Ludwig Micek



150cm x 120cm x 40cm (200kg)

$9,600 (SOLD)

Tripla Forza

Denese Oates


Stainless steel

380cm x 400cm x 400cm (750kg)


Many being one and one being many

Amanda Hale and Karen Farrell


Ceramic and wire

50 square metres (of various dimensions and multiple components)

Approx 300gms per piece


Bukurung Dendroglyph

Terrence Wright


Timber and glass

200cm x 50cm (diameter)



Together we move

Elyssa Sykes-Smith


Recycled timber and paint

3 components, various sizes (approx life size)

$9,000 or $3,000 each

Your Time Machine

Vanessa Stanley


Glass, paint and stainless steel

160cm x 30cm(diameter) x 120cm (35kg)

$8, 050

Your Time Machine (inside view)

Vanessa Stanley



The Carbon Sink Pavillion

Bush Projects (Sarah Hicks and Bonnie Green)

Recycled timber frame windows, recycled timber framework, corriboard, various plant species.

250cm x200cm x 350cm  (200kg including plants)

Price on request

Nomadic City: lest we forget II

Sally Kidall


Bamboo, builders plastic, string, soil, grass and fabric

700cm x 100cm  (15kg per raft)


b0n541 v2.0

Matt Godden


Recycled computer motherboards, stainless steel, copper and brass

230cm x 150cm x 150cm  (100kg)


Unfolding of Lights, Shadows and reflections

Tanya Alexadra Richards


Hundreds of hand extruded porcelain coils, woven into several km of nylon filament

810cm x 530cm x 650cm , suspended 2 meters above the ground. (7kg)


The Hive

Bronwyn Berman


Copper, timber, copper woven re-used cable, poker work on the timber.

180cm x 120cm x 120cm (90kg)



Flossie Peitsch


Wooden recycled fence palings, marine rope, glue and nails

150cm x 150cm x1500cm  (200kg)


Long Day's Journey

Christine Simpson


Dacron thread, nail varnish, mild steel sheeting, galvanised steel pipe, steel screws and nuts.

400cm x 1250cm x 1250cm  (35kg)

Ghost III

Liz Bradshaw

Varios timbers and fibreglass

4 components approx 90kg each


UWS Campbelltown Campus (View Map)
2 May - 1 Jun 2014
Official opening on Friday 2nd May 2014 from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm.

For an invitation to the exhibition, please see UWS Sculpture Award 2014 Invitation (DOCX, 353.58 KB)

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the 2014 UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition...

  • UWS, Acquisitive Sculpture Award...Greer Taylor for her sculpture 'reprieve'
  • UrbanGrowth NSW, Acquisitive Sculpture Award...Micheal Purdy for his sculpture 'Oneness'
  • Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award...Morgan Shimeld for his sculpture 'Converge'
  • UrbanGrowth NSW Peoples Choice Award...Hilde A Danielson for her sculpture  'Upside Down Again'

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The University of Western Sydney is pleased to announce the 2014 UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition Finalists: 

                                        Bronwyn Berman                       Chris Leaver                     Sally Kidall
  Liz Bradshaw   Ludwig Mlcek   Elyssa Sykes-Smith
  Greer Taylor   Denese Oates   Terrence Wright
  Hilde A Danielsen   Flossie Peitsch   Bush Projects (Sarah Hicks & Bonnie Green)
  Matt Godden   John Petrie   Amanda Hale & Karen Farrell 
  Morgan Shimeld   Michael Purdy   Tanya Alexander Richards 
  Christine Simpson   Vanessa Stanley    

UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition 2014

The UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition aims to establish closer links between the University and artists, and engage with the community by providing a valuable educational and cultural resource, as well as enhancing the campus environment for teaching and learning. 

The campus landscape - open space, rolling hills, lakes and vegetation - is an ideal setting to display large outdoor sculptures. The UWS Sculpture Award showcases major works by significant Australian artists, some of whom have created sculptures especially for the University's Campbelltown Campus.

Come and enjoy the 6th UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition in the grounds of University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown Campus (entrances off Narellan Road and Gilchrist Avenue, Campbelltown).

Bring a picnic and walking shoes and meander around the twenty one outdoor sculptures that have been chosen as the finalist in the 2014 exhibition and vote for your favourite one in the UrbanGrowth NSW People's Choice Award. Picnic facilities are available for public use around the exhibition site, maybe join us for a Mother's Day picnic. 

Prizes in the 2014 UWS Sculpture Award:

  • UWS Acquisitive Sculpture Award - valued up to $30,000
  • UrbanGrowth NSW Acquisitive Sculpture Award - valued up to $30,000
  • UrbanGrowth NSW People's Choice Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)
  • Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)

Entry is free, parking in the grounds is $7 per day (the exhibition is close to public transport, a ten minute walk from Macarthur railway station).  

Curatorial Panel:

  • Luca Belgiorno-Nettis
    Luca is Joint Managing Director Transfield Holdings and many of its subsidiary companies. Luca holds a Bachelor of Architecture (UNSW) and a Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management (UTS). He also holds a number of positions on not-for-profit boards and committees, including Chairman of the Biennale of Sydney, Chairman of the University Art Committees at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and the University of Western Sydney. Luca was made a member of the Order of Australia in 2009 for service to the arts and to the community through a range of philanthropic endeavours and executive roles.  
  • Clara Hali (Sculptor)
    Clara has been a practicing sculptor for over 30 years and studied sculpture at the National Art School in Sydney. Clara Hali has been a lecturer at the National Art School since 1988 and completed her Masters of Fine Art there in 2007. She has exhibited extensively and her work is represented in the collections including Macquarie University (Sydney), University of Sydney, Compaq Computers and Brambles Australia. 
  • Monica McMahon (Art Curator, University of Western Sydney)
    Monica McMahon has been the UWS Art Curator at the University of Western Sydney since 2002 and during this period she has established three galleries on its campuses. She is the artistic director for all exhibition programs in the following UWS galleries; Female Ophan School Gallery (Parramatta Campus), Margot Hardy Gallery (Bankstown Campus) and the UWS Art Gallery (Werrington North, Penrith Campus) which are recognized public galleries.

    Monica is the artistic director of the UWS Acquisitive Sculpture Award and Exhibition (biannual outdoor exhibition held on the University's Campbelltown Campus), which was established in 2004. She is also the curator of the University's permanent art collection, responsible for the promotion, development, research and management of the collection which is distributed throughout the University's six campuses across Western Sydney. 
  • Ken Unsworth (Sculptor)
    Ken Unsworth studied at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Teachers College, and the National Art School, Sydney. He has held several teaching positions, including Lecturer in Sculpture, Sydney College of Advanced Education. Ken has had numerous solo exhibitions, in Australia and overseas, including a major survey exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1998. His works have been included in the Mildura Sculpture Triennial, 1973 and 1978; the Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne, 1981, 1984 and 1993; Australian Perspecta, Sydney, 1981, 1985, 1987 and 1988; and the Biennale of Sydney, 1976, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1990 and 2000. 
  • Susan Conroy
    Susan Conroy has been working professionally in cultural planning for over 22 years and is a graduate of Griffith University. She has a sustained and successful history of achieving the integration of culture and identity in urban design and planning projects. Susan has extensive experience in public art which includes preparation of policy, public art strategies, commissioning and supervision of artists. Susan has developed the place making and public art strategies for the UWS Campbelltown residential estate and is managing the first public art project as part of the estate's initial development.

Judging Panel:

  • Luca Belgiorno-Nettis
  • Clara Hali
  • Ken Unsworth
  • Susan Conroy



For further information contact:

Monica McMahon (02) 4620 3450 or
Rosemary Hopkins (02) 4620 3460 or