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Sculpture Award

2016 Sculpture Award and Exhibition

Monument to the long term perils of short term politics (2016 Western Sydney University Sculpture Award WINNER)

Michael Purdy


Sydney sandstone and steel

240cm. X 120cm. X 120cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

Melody of Equilibrium ( 2016 Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award WINNER )

Lisa Tolcher


Steel and paint

9 pieces each 92cm. diameter

60kg each


Photograph by James McMahon

Life's Desparate Struggle (Winner of UrbangrowthNSW People's Choice Award)

Joe Bartolo


Forged mild steel, mig and oxy welded together

200cm. X 60cm. X 350cm.



Photograph by James McMahon


Senden Blackwood


Carved black granite' steel, stainless steel

120cm. X 120cm. X 60cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

Balanced II

Neil Laredo


Timber and jute rope

300cm. X 240cm. X 240cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

looking in/looking out

Greer Taylor


Automotive paint on aluminium, stainless steel cable and fittings

5 pieces each 400cm. X 20cm. X 160cm.

20kg each


Photograph by James McMahon


John Petrie



2 pieces; 120cm. X 20cm. X 30cm. and 140cm. X 30cm. X 30cm.

60kg each

200kg and 380kg


Photograph by James McMahon

Yura Yura

Akira Kamada


Hand dyed fabric sheets, acrylic paint, rope, string,shock cable

7 pieces of variable dimensions

5kg each


Photograph by James McMahon

Boulders by Fire

Daniel Lafferty

Wheel thrown wood fired earthenware

8 pieces; 45cm. spheres

25kg each


Photograph by James McMahon


Clara Hali


bronze and corten steel

245cm. X 56cm. X 56cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

The Sound of the Earth:Physical seat/XlX

Wataru Hamasaka



45cm. X 230cm. X 90cm.



Photograph by James McMahon


Jan King


Steel, hot zinc sprayed and painted with auto lacquer

174cm. X 73cm. X 58cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

Hand Drawn

Peter Zappa


Stainless steel pipe and rod shaped,forged and welded together with an enamel paint finish

170cm. X 240cm. X 110cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

The Silent

Ingrid Morley


Steel and Wood

180cm. X 11,350cm. X 200cm.


Price on application

Photograph by James McMahon

Urban Growth

Louisa Dawson


Wood, aluminium, timber footings

200cm. X 245cm. X 252cm.



Photograph by James McMahon

Blades of Glass

Sallie Portnoy


Kiln cast lead crystal,

3 pieces, each 220cm.-240cm. X 11cm. X 10cm.

30kg each

$9,800 each

Photograph by James McMahon


Robert Barnstone


Welded carbon steel with clear penetrol

90cm. X 90cm. X 240cm.



Photograph By James McMahon

People's Choice Award Function at Campbelltown Arts Centre

Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus (View Map)
6 May - 5 Jun 2016

For an invitation to the exhibition, please see 2016 Sculpture Award and Exhibition Invitation (PDF, 1.35 MB)

Western Sydney University Sculpture Award and Exhibition 2016.

Winner of Western Sydney University Sculpture Award for 2016 is... Michael Purdy: Monument to the long term perils of short term politics.

Winner of the Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award for 2016 is...Lisa Tolcher: Melody of Equilibrium.

Winner of the UrbangrowthNSW People's Choice Award for 2016 is...Joseph Bartolo: Life's Desperate Struggle.

Western Sydney University is pleased to announce the following finalists in the 2016 Sculpture Award and Exhibition.

Robert Barnstone          Joseph Bartolo              Senden Blackwood      

 Louisa Dawson             Clara Hali                     Wataru Hamaska          

Akira Kamada                Jan King                       Daniel Lafferty              

Neil Laredo                    Ingrid Morley                John Petrie                   

Sallie Portnoy                Michael Purdy               Greer Taylor                 

Lisa Tolcher                  Peter Zappa

We would like to thank all the entrants for their submissions.

This exhibition aims to establish closer links between the University and artists, and engage with the community by providing a valuable educational and cultural resource, as well as enhancing the campus environment for teaching and learning.

The campus landscape - open space, rolling hills, lakes and vegetation - is an ideal setting to display large outdoor sculptures. The Western Sydney University Sculpture Award showcases major works by significant Australian artists, who have created sculptures especially for the University's Campbelltown Campus.

Prizes in the 2016 Western Sydney University Sculpture Award and Exhibition:

  • Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award - valued up to $30,000
  • UrbanGrowth NSW People's Choice Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)
  • Janice Reid Emerging Artist Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)


Curatorial Panel:

Dr Lee-Anne Hall, Director Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

Lee-Anne Hall has been Director of PRG&TLB since September 2012. In this capacity she has curated a number of exhibitions including; Kare sansui – Japanese raked gardens (2013), Holiday and Memory – 20th Century Australia at Play (2013), River to River – Interwoven Landscapes (2014), Home / Front – 100 Year commemoration of the Gallipoli Campaign (2015) and Flower Show (2015). Prior to her position at PRG&TLB she held academic positions at UTS, Faculty of Business, coordinating and teaching on the post grad Arts Management program (2011-2012 and 1991 – 2001), at University of Sydney as acting Director, Museum Studies (2010) and in community and media arts organisations in SA and NSW. Her research interests include Aboriginal art and culture, Reconciliation, Leisure, and the impact of corporate art collections upon workplace culture and motivation.

Monica McMahon , Art Curator,  Western Sydney University.
Monica McMahon has been the Western Sydney University Art Curator  since 2002 and during this period she has established three galleries on its campuses. She is the exhibition program manager for all following Western Sydney University galleries; Margaret Whitlam Galleries (Parramatta Campus), Margot Hardy Gallery (Bankstown Campus) and the Western Sydney University Art Gallery (Werrington North, Penrith Campus) which are recognized public galleries. Monica is the artistic director of the Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award and Exhibition (biannual outdoor exhibition held on the University's Campbelltown Campus), which was established in 2004. She is also the curator of the University's permanent art collection, responsible for the promotion, development, research and management of the collection which is distributed throughout the University's six campuses across Western Sydney.

Matt Poll , Assistant Curator, Macleay Museum, University of Sydney

Matt Poll has worked as a curator in museums and art galleries the greater Sydney region for nearly twenty years. Matt is Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander descent and currently works as the assistant curator of the Macleay Museums Indigenous heritage collections as well as being the University of Sydney repatriation project officer. Prior to this position he has worked at Boomalli Aboriginal artists Cooperative as well as art galleries in the greater Sydney region including the MCA and Wollongong City Gallery . In 2014 as the Harold Mitchell fellowship recipient Matt spent two months researching South East Australian Aboriginal collections held in at the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris and is currently completing a masters by research at the University of Sydney exploring the use of Museum collections by contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists in Australia. Matt Poll is also a current member of the Western Sydney University Arts Advisory and Promotion Committee.

Michael Snape (sculptor)

Michael Snape has worked as a full time artist since 1972. He has had 25 solo exhibitions. In 2012, he showed in New York at The Waterhouse Dodd Gallery. Most recently, his show co-hosted with his gallery, Australian Galleries and The Commercial Gallery attracted wide attention. He has made over 25 public and private sculpture commissions. He is represented in major public and private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

He has worked mainly in sculpture however, he has had several painting exhibitions. He writes poetry and plays and sings in a quartet, Terrible Music.

His work can be viewed in Writings can be viewed in the blog attached to that website.

Judging Panel:

  • Dr Lee-Anne Hall
  • Matt Poll
  • Michael Snape