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Sculpture Award

2018 Sculpture Award and Exhibition

Fault Sector

Dan Lorrimer
Rusted weathering steel
220cm x 300cm x 110cm
Winner of the 2018 Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award

Gimme Shelter

Michael Purdy
Radiata pine, wire, sandstone, found object
140cm x 160cm x 160cm
Winner of the 2018 Landcom People's Choice Award

Body Shells

Robert Barnstone
Corten steel
Rita: 295cm x 120cm x 50cm; Giggion: 288cm x
95cm x 45cm
145kg each
Winner of the 2018 Janice Reid Site Specific Sculpture Award

Barricade Monuments with Graffiti

Jennifer Cochrane
Tin and paint
Three forms, each 240 cm x 90 cm x 40 cm


Ayako Saito
Painted steel
150cm x 60cm x 75cm

This is Colony

Barry Tate
Glazed stoneware, metal stands, solar lights
3 pieces, 200cm high x variable dimensions
Weight variable

The Monkey Conductor

Chris Leaver
Wood, steel, resin and cement
200cm x 200cm x 200cm

Morning Star

Christopher Hodges
Stainless steel
270cm x 250cm x 250cm
$55,000 (no GST)

Xerophyte Forest

Denese Oates
Corten steel
220cm x 500cm x 500cm (variable)


Dale Miles
Western red cedar, steel, paint
220cm x 350cm x 60cm


John Fitzmaurice
316 stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish
250cm x 210cm x 100cm

Pentagon corridors

Hilde A Danielsen
Stained black Nordic pinewood, acid free metal
Five corridors, each 210cm x 90cm x 154cm

Déplacement (Smuggling Pod)

Paul Handley
34 children’s life-jackets, fabric, foam, steel
240cm diameter x 100cm


Jacek Wankowski
Weathered steel, galvanised steel, photovoltaic
array, batteries, controller, 12v LED lights, wood
and plastic
300cm x 80cm x 80cm
150kg approx

Interplay 1

Jenny Green
Marine grade stainless steel
2 pieces, 122 cm x 260cm x 85 cm & 164cm x
155cm x 107cm

Miocene Garden

John Petrie
120cm x 300cm x 250cm

Intimate distance

Lisa Tolcher
Mild steel, zinc and enamel paint
5 components: 160cm x 300cm x 200cm
5 components: between 10 and 60kg

What goes up!

Louis Pratt
Steel, wood, fibreglass and paint
400cm x 200cm x 80cm

Spira Mirabilis

Ludwig Mlcek
Marine plywood, epoxy resin, galvanized
connectors, protective coating
130cm x 230cm x 230cm

Broken buckets: breaking boundaries

Merran Esson
Stoneware clay & glazes, and Ferrari red
automotive paint
5 pieces, variable dimensions, on average 92cm
x 33cm x 36cm
22kg-28kgs each
$18,000 or $4000 each

Contradiction of Difference

Neil Laredo
Mirror ACM panel, treated pine frame.
300cm x 240cm, x 300cm

Hosery-Gulliver’s lost sock

Shaelene Murray
Powaflex lay flat hose, steel fittings, nylon cord,
compressed air
50cm x 250cm x 250cm

Environment IV

Marcus Tatton
Corten steel
250cm x 15m x 15m

Exhibition to be opened by Dr Pamela James, Art Historian and Adjunct Fellow, Western Sydney University. Please join us at the opening Friday 4 May, 2.30 pm for 3.00 pm till 4.30 pm, at School of Medicine, Building 30, Ground Floor, Room 30.G.213, Campbelltown Campus, Western Sydney University.

Grounds of Campbelltown Campus (View Map)
4 May - 3 Jun 2018
Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Western Sydney Univeristy is pleased to announce the following winners:
2018 Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award Winner:  Dan Lorrimer for his sculpture, Fault Sector
2018 Janice Reid Site Specific Sculpture Award Winner:  Robert Barnstone for his sculpture, Body Shells
2018 Landcom People's Choice Award Winner: Michael Purdy for his sculpture, Gimme Shelter

Western Sydney University Sculpture Awards and Exhibition 2018 Finalists:

Robert Barnstone           Jennifer Cochrane           Hilde A. Danielsen

Merran Esson                John Fitzmaurice             Jenny Green

Paul Handley                 Christopher Hodges         Neil Laredo

Chris Leaver                  Dan Lorrimer                   Dale Miles

Ludwig Mlcek                Shaelene Murray             Denese Oates

John Petrie                    Louis Pratt                       Michael Purdy

Ayato Saito                    Barry Tate                       Marcus Tatton

Lisa Tolcher                  Jacek Wankowski

This exhibition aims to establish closer links between the University and artists, and engage with the community by providing a valuable educational and cultural resource, as well as enhancing the campus environment for teaching and learning. The Western Sydney University Sculpture Award showcases major works by significant Australian and international artists, who have created sculptures especially for the University's Campbelltown Campus.

Prizes in the 2018 Western Sydney University Sculpture Award and Exhibition:
  • Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award - valued up to $30,000
  • Landcom People's Choice Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)
  • Janice Reid Site Specific Sculpture Award - $5,000 (non-acquisitive)         
Curatorial Panel for 2018 Sculpture Award

Alison Clark:

Alison Clark has over 25 years’ experience in the local government, regional and commercial gallery sector in curatorial and arts management roles. She has worked extensively as a curator and project manager and is currently the Team Leader Arts & Culture at North Sydney Council. In this role Alison is responsible for overseeing a range of creative initiatives including Council’s Artist Studio, Residency & Creative Spaces programs, Public Art projects and commissions, and the biennial North Sydney Art Prize. In 2013 she revitalised the North Sydney Art Prize, now a large scale site specific 16-day exhibition held at the Coal Loader in Waverton and in 2014 established the North Sydney Public Art Trail, a major place-making, cultural development and cultural tourism initiative launched in 2016.

David Jensz:

David Jensz is an innovative contemporary sculptor whose practice spans studio-based works and public art commissions. His practice is informed by physics and contemporary theories of space and time to investigate the nature of being. Jensz taught part-time at the Australian National University, School of Art (1988 to 2017) and now works from his studio at Murrumbateman, near Canberra. He has made 28 solo exhibitions in Australia, America and Thailand, including most recently at McClelland Gallery, Melbourne 2016 and O.K.Harris Gallery, New York (2010, 2004, 2000 and 1997). His work was selected for major survey exhibitions including: McClelland Sculpture Prize (2012, 2003) Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award (2005, 2006) National Sculpture Prize, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (2001, 2003, and 2005). He has received many grants and awards including an Asialink Scholarship to Thailand (1994) the Australia Council New York Studio (1995) and the Australia Council Tokyo Studio (2000). He was commissioned to make various Public Sculptures: “Spatial Dimension” in Newcastle (1998) and in Canberra, including “Raised Pinnacle” Australian National University (1998) “Fractal Weave”, Civic Square (2006) “Life Cycle” Bunda Street (2010) and “Culture Fragment”, Woden (2012).

Sophia Kouyoumdjian:

Sophia Kouyoumdjian has worked in the arts sector for over 15 years across directorial, curatorial and exhibition management roles. Currently the Coordinator, Parramatta Artist’s Studios and previously the Acting Director and Curator at Blacktown Arts Centre, Sophia has comprehensive experience in Western Sydney’s contemporary arts sector. Sophia Kouyoumdjian is the guest curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s (MCA) Primavera 2017: Young Australian Artists exhibition.

Monica McMahon:

Monica McMahon has been the Western Sydney University Art Curator since 2002 and during this period she has established three galleries on its campuses. She is the exhibition program manager for all following Western Sydney University galleries; Margaret Whitlam Galleries (Parramatta Campus), Margot Hardy Gallery (Bankstown Campus) and the Western Sydney University Art Gallery (Werrington North, Penrith Campus) which are recognized public galleries. Monica is the artistic director of the Western Sydney University Acquisitive Sculpture Award and Exhibition (biannual outdoor exhibition held on the University's Campbelltown Campus), which was established in 2004. She is also the curator of the University's permanent art collection, responsible for the promotion, development, research and management of the collection which is distributed throughout the University's six campuses across Western Sydney.

Judging Panel:

Alison Clark
David Jensz
Sophia Kouyoumdjian